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Footwear > Tactical/Military > [Belleville] 310 Hot Weather Tan Tactical Boot
[Belleville] 310 Hot Weather Tan Tactical Boot
제조회사 : Belleville
판매가격 : 회원공개
수량 EA
사이즈 :
원산지 : Made in USA

Designed for Style. Built to Army Specs. Double Stuffed for Comfort. Introducing the NEW BELLEVILLE 310 Hot Weather Tactical Boot.

The New Belleville 310 is not like all of the other "tactical" or "assault" boots on the market. How is it different, you ask? For one thing, it is MADE IN THE USA and BERRY Compliant. It also meets all U.S. Army boot requirements and specifications, making the 310 ACU Approved.

The 310 also offers new features that are different from all other Belleville boots - an updated stylish "running shoe" design, extra padding for extra comfort, an all polyurethane one piece longer-wearing cushion outsole, heavy duty laces and eyelets, vents for drainage and cooling and more! Just look at all the 310 has to offer...

  • Shock absorbent MeraMax Polyurethane Sole System - Extremely High Abrasion & Slip Resistance
  • Durable Full Grain Tan Cowhide Leather & Cordura Nylon - Provides Additional Ankle Support
  • Updated Stylish Tactical "Running Shoe" Design
  • Extra Padded Collar & Tongue - "Double Stuffed" for Comfort
  • Drainage Vents to Increase Ventilation
  • Toe Designed to Meet Army Specifications
  • Lighter Weight than Military Spec boot - LIGHTEST BELLEVILLE BOOT EVER!
  • Height - 8" (Standard Military Height)

    Retail price: $ 169.99


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